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Prehistoric Brent

The new Brent Museum, due to open in the summer, is set out chronologically and the story it tells begins thousands of years ago during prehistoric times. The change from Prehistory to History is generally… Continue reading

The miners’ strike in Brent

In March 1984 over 150,000 miners went on strike to protest against widespread closures in the industry. There were, of course, no mines in Brent but the area contributed to a nationwide solidarity… Continue reading

Tea, Cake and Bunting… Welcome to the 1950s!

Elvis soundtracked a parade, tea and coffee flowed and cakes were bountiful, at Brent Museum’s and Brent Archives Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary celebrations held on the 24th August at Willesden Green. The… Continue reading

Join the party!

With the typical British summer weather we’ve been having, we’re glad that come rain or shine, our Festival of Britain street party this Wednesday won’t be rained off, like some of the original… Continue reading