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Miss Harrold and her Haberdashery

Langman’s Draper’s shop at 88 High Road, Willesden was founded in the 1890s. When it closed in 1978 many of the shop fittings had remained unchanged since the day it opened. In 1908… Continue reading

Digital War Memorial: Brent Remembers

The Digital War Memorial is a national project led by the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL). The first phase brought together a wide range of communities to work with high quality artists to… Continue reading

Prehistoric Brent

The new Brent Museum, due to open in the summer, is set out chronologically and the story it tells┬ábegins thousands of years ago during┬áprehistoric times. The change from Prehistory to History is generally… Continue reading

Gathering the Objects

There are over 400 objects going into the new Brent Museum which will open in The Library at Willesden Green next summer. From carpet beaters to milk carts and armour to art work… Continue reading