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Bringing order to the Oral History Recordings

As part of gaining my AMA (Associateship of the Museums Association) I was required to carry out a six month Work Based Project. The two main aims of the project were : Effect… Continue reading

Gathering the Objects

There are over 400 objects going into the new Brent Museum which will open in The Library at Willesden Green next summer. From carpet beaters to milk carts and armour to art work… Continue reading

What were we doing for two weeks?

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Brent Museum and Archives was closed to inquiries and visitors for two weeks in September. We are sorry if this caused any inconvenience for anyone… Continue reading

We need your help with some Retail Therapy

The Heritage Team has been is working hard at the moment to shape the new Brent Museum. We have been carefully selecting and researching objects, trawling through our image database and looking at… Continue reading